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Kristian R. 37. Germany.
Writes code, is lost in art and music at times, dislikes stereotypes, can't resist good communication even if lengthy.

Staircases Outerworld, Dresden, Android, Architecture by z428 on EyeEm

Above #dresden #outerworld #macro #rain


“The Autumn Falls - October” Music by Vadim Kiselev

restando in tema “Russia”, quest’oggi….

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Glow Outerworld, Lights, Macro, Android by z428 on EyeEm

Travel in minds / Open roads #outerworld #dresden #night #lights

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Concrete City Outerworld, Dresden, Android, Concrete by z428 on EyeEm

Closer still Outerworld, Dresden, Macro, Android by z428 on EyeEm

Drive Monochrome, Night Lights, Dresden by z428 on EyeEm

Engine #outerworld #engine #metal #machinery

Harvest Outerworld, Android, Rain, Nature by z428 on EyeEm

Quiet Concrete #outerworld #dresden #architecture #minimal

I used to shoot such places myself earlier in my life. Well… ages ago now, it seems. Difficult to free time for such things today… :(

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Good morning rainy Friday. Outerworld, Dresden, Android, Rain by z428 on EyeEm